Residential Design & Commercial Building

As a leading building contractor, Pinnacle puts a great deal of time and effort into every project. If its designing and building a new home, overseeing the completion of a commercial complex, or working on a home addition, Custom Kitchen or Bath remodel, our level of commitment and attention to detail remains the same. When you want aesthetics to match the building quality, we are the contractor you want behind the work. 

What Sets us apart from other contractor's 

Pinnacle Building is definitely a different sort of contracting company. We feel our job is to provide clients with unmatched service, the finest design and craftsmanship possible, and that all begins with a commitment and caring attitude toward our work. Since inception we have pressed the importance of quality, detail, and safety, that is what sets us apart from other contractors and builders.

We have a dedication to our clients and community. We look at things from a bigger perspective, thinking in terms of sustainability, aesthetics, and workmanship. By combining more than construction ideas, we are able to provide our clients with a realized dream that will last well into the future.

Renovation & Remodeling

When it comes to home additions or remodeling you want to make sure your contractor has a solid reputation and portfolio. With us, you can rest assured that our team can create the right look and plan. From complete Historic renovations in Cape May to single room additions Avalon, our team plans out every step and makes certain all work meets our strict standards.



Established in 2006 Pinnacle Building & Contracting LLC is family owned and is one of the most trusted contractors in North Wildwood. Clients know our level of commitment, as we believe in open communication and follow through. For us, it is all about ensuring our client's satisfaction.
The staff is filled with licensed and experienced professionals all having the experience to complete your project. This allows us to better serve property owners by doing the job right the first time. We are experts when it comes to remodeling. Our reputation for professionalism and excellence is something you can absolutely rely on.

Fire, Flood & Mold Damage claims 

If you have the misfortune of a claim at your home or condo, we can help. With one call we will remove all damage that occurred, re mediate any mold, handle & adjust claim with insurance adjuster, write and provide reports with the completed estimate to replace as required in order to finalize your claim.

Once your claim is approved we will schedule and complete the work to your total satisfaction.